67% of MySOS quotes accepted... But why?

To enable us to send you a quote we will need to visit your home, you won't however have a salesman knocking on your door!  Instead you will get a friendly, straight talking and down to earth installer from MySOS, they will go through all options available, gather information, measure up, make some suggestions then report back with a quote.


Unlike estimates a quote is a fixed price, therefor the price we quote is the price you pay. This gives great peace of mind for our clients as there are no hidden surprises (not for our clients anyway), we on occasion do however hit a hidden surprise that can be costly to us, rest assured though that even if our costs rise we still maintain our "that's perfect" attitude to every project!


If we're completely honest our quote is unlikely to be the cheapest you receive, some bathroom installers for example will verbally quote an on the spot price of £2000 for a project, other reputable installers (such as ourselves) may send you a £6000 written quote, this isn't because other installers are overpricing, it's simply because the installation is carried out properly. Generally most people will say get some quotes and providing you're happy with the company you're dealing with go with the quote closest to the average, this is where our quotes normally land. On top of that, our quotes are generally competitive even though our workmanship is second to none.


Lastly, other than making your new bathroom look amazing with regard to items being level, measured properly and finished perfectly we always go the extra mile.  A particular week point and the first thing that lets a bathroom down if not carried out correctly is a tiled floor, some installers will simply screw some ply to existing floorboards then tile on to that.  Wherever possible we always remove the floor right back to the joists, install marine grade Cabar flooring then glue and screw water resistant "No More Ply" (cement board) followed by tiling using flexible adhesive, this eleminates loose, cracked and uneven tiles! To cap it off, this extra mile is normally achieved at the same or even lower cost than our (realistically quoting) competitors.

  • Quotes provided by friendly, straight talking and knowledgable installers, not a grey suited salesperson that only knows numbers.
  • Many other bathroom installers provide estimates, we however provide quotes so you know exactly what the project will cost.
  • Not the cheapest but certainly competitive and with a finished project that will exceed your expectations.
  • We go the extra mile, everything done professionaly and as it should be right down to the bits you can not see. 

The steps to your brand new bathroom

Make Contact

Call us on 01202 798247 9.00 - 21.00

Give us a call between 9am and 9pm seven days a week or use the contact form below.  We'll then grab a few details from you such as the work required, the sort of style you're thinking of (modern, contemporary, traditional etc) and a rough start date that you're looking at for the installation to be carried out. Then on to the onsite inspection...

Onsite Inspection

Appointments Available 9.00 - 21.00

Our onsite inspection will be carried out by a hands on installer rather than a salesperson that never gets their hands dirty.  We've found this works so much better for noticing issues that could arrise with a design you may have in mind that a salesperson might miss.  Onsite visits are available between 9am - 9pm seven days a week. On to the quote...

The Quote

MySOS Provide a Written Quote

The quote we provide is the price it will be, we don't supply estimates as this can cause the expence of your new bathroom to significantly increase. A MySOS quote is always done in writing, details each individual part of the installation and makes it clear to see where the money is going with the entire installation from start to finish. On to the installation...

The Installation

Your Dream Bathroom is Installed

Now that you're familier with our team, happy with our knowledge and of course the quote... we will start your brand new bathroom on the date previously agreed. The entire installation is carried out professionaly, cortiously and in the timescale agreed. You're home and family will be treated with the upmost respect throughout the process.

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MySOS Bathroom Installations

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