A little bit of background...

Where it all began

Well, Brian Gibbs is the one that started the Gibbs "bathroom installation trade" family tradition back in 1967, he was born in 1949 in a little place called Tottenham and later moved to Waltham Cross at the age of ten. He soldered his first pipe at the age of eighteen so I guess Waltham Cross was the initial starting point. As time went by (decades) the local area (in particular London) sadly changed, as far as Brian was concerned it wasn't for the better so whilst it's very hard to move a business that has a great reputation and repeat local customers he felt himself and his family would have a better quality of life in sunny Dorset. Due to his attention to detail and "treat every home like it's yours" attitude to every project it didn't take long for him and his sons to earn the trust and respect once again from the local community. However, there was one issue... Dorset is a beautiful place so retirement was hard to resist, he finally caved in to the idea (it didn't take much persuading to be honest) and retired in 2009 at the age of 60. Very sadly his retirement didn't last long and Brian passed away rather suddenly and unexpectedly three years later.  He had at this time already passed on his knowledge, expertise, wisdom and working attitude so as far as we're concerned... the Brian Gibbs bathroom fitting legacy lives on in each and every project we do.

What we do and where we do it

Now the Brian Gibbs work ethic and attitude to every project continues in Wimborne and surrounding areas, as you can see we're (his sons) now commonly known as MySOS Bathroom Installations. Generally we cover a 10 mile radius of Wimborne but as word spreads we have on occasion travelled a lot further (we like to please). We love what we do and are more than happy to carry out bathroom installations in your home, no matter how small the project... the main family bathroom right down to the understairs cloakroom So, if you want a bathroom installation carried out with care, attention to detail, respect and reliability... please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Moving forward, our plans for the future

To continue offering great customer service of course!

Most companies have a business plan in place to grow and grow, take on more staff and conquer the world, that to be honest is not us! You see so many cases where a company expands to the point that they lose touch with what a client really means, a client is a companies bread and butter, without you we don't eat, without repeat clients a business will struggle. Whilst this clearly works for some companies where they don't care if they lose a client here and there we doubt very much the person in charge goes home satisfied with the knowledge every client was a happy one. We've all been there, nobody likes it and we wouldn't wish it on any of our current and future clients.